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2022 september-november

National Campaigns

New national campaigns are released each quarter to refresh and recharge your brand. These campaigns can be partnered with a local promotion: featured inventory, aged inventory, new models, parts clearance or service specials. Each store's campaign is customized with the specific boat brands your dealership represents. 

You'll see this theme used throughout the quarter on: 

the Website / Social Pages / Google My Business / Email Promotions / Print Materials / Store Displays

Ready to run a campaign: 

Legendary_2022_Sep-Nov_Digital_F_Freedom GMB.jpg

Current mood: cruising

Bosun's Marine 

Legendary Marine 

Lookout Marine 

Marina Mike's 

Sundance Marine 

Logo options

Current Mood-Lux-Wide-Black.png
Current Mood-Prem-Stack-Black.png
Current Mood-Prem-Wide-Black.png

Autumn Wakes await

Captain's Choice Marine

Phil Dill Boats

Singleton Marine

South Shore Marine

Stone Harbor Marine 

Logo options

Autumn Wake Awaits-Lux-Stack-Black.png
Autumn Wake Awaits-Prem-Stack-Black.png
Autumn Wake Awaits-Value-Wide-Black.png
Autumn Wake Awaits-Value-Stack-Black.png
Autumn Wake Awaits-Prem-Wide-Black.png
Cpt_Choice_2022_Sep-Nov_Digital_F_Freedom GMB.jpg
Quality_2022_Sep-Nov_Digital_F_Freedom GMB.jpg

Fall breeze, Autumn seas


Quality Boats

Sunrise Marine

Logo options

Fall Breeze-Val-Wide-Black.png
Fall Breeze-Val-Stack-Black.png
Fall Breeze-Prem-Stack-Black.png

escape the ordinary


Caribee Boats

Naples Boat Mart

Logo options

Escape Ordinary-Prem-Black-Wide.png
Escape Ordinary-Prem-Black-Stack.png
Caribee_2022_Sep-Nov_Digital_F_Freedom GMB.jpg

life is good on a boat


Texas Marine

Tom George

Logo optionS

Life Is Good-Prem-Wide-Black.png
Life Is Good-Val-Black.png
Life Is Good-Prem-Black.png
SMG Houston_F_More Sunsets GBP.jpg

more sunsets, less stress

Rambo Marine

Central Marine

The Slalom Shop

SMG Houston

Norfolk Marine

Kentucky Marine

Logo option

More Sunsets-Prem-Black-Wide.png
More Sunsets-Val-Black-Stack.png
More Sunsets-Prem-Black-Stack.png
More Sunsets-Val-Black-Wide.png
SMG Houston_F_More Sunsets GBP.jpg
Ocean_Blue_2022_Sep-Nov_Digital_F_Freedom GMB.jpg
Ocean_Blue_2022_Sep-Nov_Digital_F_Freedom GMB.jpg

Experience the freedom

Ocean Blue Yacht Sales

Walkers Marine

Logo optionS

Experience Freedom-Prem-Wide-Black.png
Experience Freedom-Lux-Wide-Black.png
Experience Freedom-Prem-Stack-Black.png
Experience Freedom-Lux-Stack-Black.png
Experience Freedom-Lux-Stack-Black.png
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